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Birds of the Jefferson Region in the White Mountains
Reprint edition of author Horace Wright's hard-to-find book from 1911 detailing his years of bird observations in the northern White Mountains of New Hampshire.
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Geology of New Hampshire's White Mountains
A visually stunning new book exploring the geologic events and forces that shaped the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
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History of the White Mountains

A true White Mountain classic! This is the story of the pioneer Crawford family as written by Lucy Crawford, wife of well known early guide and innkeeper, Ethan Allen Crawford.

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Old Man's Reader

A fascinating collection of writings inspired by the late, great Old Man of the Mountain in New Hampshire's Franconia Notch.

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Pilgrim Soul

An exceptional historical novel recalling the life of legendary White Mountain pioneer settler Dolly Copp.

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Presidential Range: Its Geologic History and Plate Tectonics
The complete hiker's guide and map to the bedrock geology of the Presidential Range.
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Surficial Geology of Mount Washington and The Presidential Range, New Hampshire
 A colorful new map of the geologic deposits and features of Mount Washington and the Presidential Range.
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Tales of the White Mountains
A handy collection of ninteenth century writer Nathaniel Hawthorne's four stories from New Hampshire's White Mountains.
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When Women and Mountains Meet
A look back at the stories of some remarkable women who shaped the rich history of the White Mountains.
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White Mountains: Names, Places & Legends
A handy places names guide and history to the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
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